5 Main Features of Medical Translation 2019

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Why Do You Need Professional Medical Translation Services?

Translation is not just about changing words in one language into words in another. We have all read poor Chinese translations online that would be funny if you don’t consider how poor they are for the true purpose they were intended for. Medical translation services online don’t have room for mistakes, translation agencies must offer perfect levels of quality or the results could be catastrophic.

Medical translation online must be provided by specialists that actually understand what they are translating. Translation is really about communicating your understanding so if the translator is not qualified to understand the source text then there really is an opportunity for them to make serious mistakes within their translation.

So what should you be looking for in a medical translation company if you are to work with them? We will show you how to recognize certified medical translation services that will be able to translate medical documents to the standard that you require.

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What Are the Features You Must Look for in Medical Translation Services Online

Cheap medical translation services need to be selected with care if you are to avoid mistakes with the translations. The following are the features that you must look out for in the professional medical translation services you are looking at:

  • Do they offer certified translation? Is the service covered by any official certifications such as ISO or ATA. Companies that hold formal certifications are likely to be more trustworthy than many others and able to provide you with the level of quality that is required. This does not however mean that should ignore all others. You should satisfy yourself with the quality of the translator that you will work with.
  • Is the translator qualified? Your translator must be able to understand a wide range of medical concepts and the terminology that is used. Typically you will be looking for a service that will state that their medical translators are themselves educated to postgraduate degree level in relevant fields to give them that understanding. If they are not qualified then they may incorrectly understand what they are reading.
  • Do they understand Latin? As with law there is a huge amount of Latin used within medicine. So it is often a need for your translator to have a thorough understanding of the language and how it is applied within this field.
  • Do they offer editing and proofreading? It is not enough to trust the translation to just the translator. You will want a service that is able to double check the work so that you can be sure there will be no issues with the finished translation when it is received. There must be a capable quality assessment of medical translation in place.
  • How are the reviews? Established services should have attracted reviews from their past customers. Always take the time to read testimonials and other online reviews such as those that we provide to get a true idea of how the services deliver.

What Is the Cost of Medical Translation?

Medical translation and interpretation will always attract a premium over general translation services. So when you compare cheap medical translation you will always be looking at a higher rate of service. Take a look at this article to fully understand what affects the prices that you will be paying and what the average rate is to translate medical terms online:

Factors That Determine the Price of Translation Service

Where Can You Get Cheap Medical Translation Online?

There are many services that will provide you with medical translation. However, you will need to review them with care as described above to make sure that they will offer you the specific support that you need. We help you with selecting reliable services for your translation. These are some of the top services that you will find online to work with for your cheap translations:

Name URL Std Translation Translating + Proofreading
Best Translation Services https://www.besttranslationservices.com/ $0.048 per word $0.106 per word.
Stepes https://www.stepes.com/ $0.17 per word $0.25 per word
Gengo https://gengo.com/ $0.08 per word $0.14 per word
Speakt https://speakt.com/ $0.09 $0.12
Text Master https://www.textmaster.com/ $0.07 $0.13
The Word Point https://thewordpoint.com/ $0.09 $0.14
Tolingo https://www.tolingo.com/en/ $0.149 per word
Translation Services 24 https://www.translationservices24.com/ $0.14 per word
Rush Translate https://rushtranslate.com/ $0.10 per word
Translated https://www.translated.net/en/ $0.12 $0.16
Transperfect http://www.transperfect.com/ $0.196 per word
My Translation https://www.mytranslation.com/ $0.10 $0.14
Rev https://www.rev.com/ $0.10 per word
One Hour Translation https://www.onehourtranslation.com/ $0.087 per word $0.139 per word
Straker Translations https://www.strakertranslations.com/ $0.16 per word
Day Translations https://www.daytranslations.com/ $0.20 per word
Language Line Solutions https://www.languageline.com/ $0.12 per word
SDL Free Translation https://www.freetranslation.com/ $0.179 per word
Lingosaur https://www.lingosaur.com/en/ $0.11 per word $0.16 per word
Turbo Translations https://turbotranslations.com/ $0.12 per word

Work with the best medical translation services online and get perfect accuracy by following our professional advice and tips.