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best translation services 2019

To help you start 2019 with the right foot, we have created a list of the leading translation agencies. On this list, you will be able to find the best translation company for your needs. Besides gathering the outstanding ones, we have also divided them into their specializations to make your search easier. Each one of them has a link to their site so that you can go and read their information.

  1. Besttranslationservices.com is one of the best translation services companies that you can hire to translate your material. They currently work with over 250 languages and can translate different types of materials. Plus, you can get a free quote by simply providing information about your order.
  2. Translated.com has a fantastic team that can work with 150 languages. They are also specialized in various fields. Thus, they can translate material from over 50 different areas. Their team guarantees to deliver quality translations on the day you have requested.
  3. DeepL.com is online software that you can use to translate different types of texts. Since it is a machine, it can only provide automated translations so you will have to proofread and edit its results. This site is perfect for you if you are looking to translate content quickly.   
  4. Handtalk.me provides a digital translation service for Brazilian Sign language. They also have an app to help individuals translate text and audio into Sign language. It is a company that helps businesses make their message accessible for everyone.
  5. Asta-usa.com was founded in 1987 and since then, it has grown into an international translation agency. Their team can translate scientific, legal, and medical documents into 70 languages. They take pride in what they do so they do not use software or any other automated translation tool as part of their translation process. They only provide accurate translations carried out by expert human professionals.
  6. Bunnyinc.com specializes in creative translation. Their expert team can localize different messages to ensure they translate your creative projects effectively. One of their guarantees is to deliver material that is ready to use. So once you receive your translation, you can be sure you will be able to publish it without having to edit it.
  7. Smartlation.com has a team composed of 15,000 experts linguists that can translate different materials into various languages. Their international team guarantees to translate accurately your project and to deliver a message that sounds natural to your target audience.
  8. Adverbum.com has a team of expert translators that can translate and localize your message into 70 different languages. Their team combines the results provided by the translator software they have with their expertise to create accurate translations. This perfect combination is the best one for you if you are looking for an affordable and accurate translation.  
  9. Thewordpoint.com guarantees to deliver high-quality translations by avoiding machine results. They have a team of human expert translators that can work with many different languages and fields. Plus, their affordable rates will surely match your budget.
  10. Alconost.com has a team of expert translators working around the clock to deliver a 24/7 translation service. On their site, you will be able to place your order, read the translation their team has made and contact their customer support team. However, you will also receive a copy from your translation on your inbox so that you can read it and download it as many times as you wish.
  11. Translator.babylon-software.com promises to translate one page in our hour. They are perfect for you if you need to translate short documents quickly. Their software will match your project with the best translator for it, to ensure they deliver it on time.
  12. Net-translators.com can work with 60 languages. Their team specializes in financial, medical, legal, and technical fields. They can translate different materials like videos or websites. Their expert team will help you connect with a broader audience.
  13. Xplanation.com has a dedicated team of native translators that help them ensure they provide accurate translations. They work with dozens of languages. Their expert team can translate material from different fields. You can be sure that their expert linguists will help you reach a global audience.
  14. Textmaster.com allows you to upload your files through their user-friendly platform. Their software makes the ordering process accessible for everyone as it allows you to upload large files. Their team can currently translate several materials into 50 different languages. They work with various specializations and documents. On their site, you will also be able to ask for an instant quote before uploading your files.
  15. Languageline.com has over 36 years of experience enabling communication through their translation services. They provide a 24/7 translation service carried out by their professional team who can work with 240 languages. They work with various industries like financial, insurance, health care, general business, and government.
  16. Clickworker.com has a team from 70 different countries that can help you translate your project. To make sure they deliver high-quality translations, their team of professional native translators is the one who will translate your material. Then, their expert team of correctors will revise the translation to make sure it is flawless. Their team can translate different content like glossaries, instructions, product descriptions, company descriptions and profiles, and the list goes on.
  17. Rushtranslate.com is a translation company based in the US that works with international clients. They have a 24-hour turnaround option that you can select if you need an urgent translation. If your project is less than three pages, then you can ask them to deliver it the next day. Their current specializations are within the legal, academic, medic, business, financial and immigration areas.
  18. Rev.com has a team of certified translators to help you translate official documents. Their team can accurately translate certificates, legal documents, or personal papers. They have high customer satisfaction and they also provide a rush turnaround delivery option.
  19. Capitatranslationinterpreting.com combines automatic translation with human translation. Their amazing software helps them revise the translation to ensure it does not contain any errors. Their team can work with material from different industries. Some of the content they have translated are within the technical, legal, financial website, e-learning, and software fields.
  20. Universal-translation-services.com has a team of experts linguists that can help you solve your communication problems. They can translate various types of materials into several languages. Their team can work with over 500 language combinations.
  21. Strakertranslations.com is a translation agency founded in 1999. Their international team is based around the world and can translate documents into different languages. Some of the material they work with are manuals, legal documents, gaming files, websites, video, and InDesign files.
  22. Bablic.com has a large team composed of 100,000 native translators. Their team specializes in website translation so they can help you reach a broader audience. They currently offer three translation services at different rates. Each one of them consists of a different translation technique. So you can choose the one that meets your requirements.
  23. Globalvoices.co.uk is an international translation company with offices in France, the USA, Italy, Germany, Peru, and the UK. They specialize in technical, medical, and legal translation. They can translate and localize your material to help you reach new markets.
  24. Luna360.com provides an urgent translation service. If you choose this option, their team will deliver your order on the day you have requested. Their team works all year round and around the clock to guarantee they meet your deadline. Their international team can translate different material into 200 languages. They specialize in medical and technical material.
  25. Tomedes.com provides a prime translation service with a one-year guarantee. Their fantastic team can translate audio, text, and video into 90 languages. They work under their global approach and local support motto which helps them deliver superior service.  
  26. Marstranslation.com works with professional and expert translators to ensure they provide high-quality translations. Their top-rated team works with several languages and can translate different files. Their service’s rates are affordable without compromising the quality of the translation.
  27. Evirtualservices.com has a team of expert translators that specializes in technical, legal, website, and marketing content translation. In less than 24 hours, they can send you a personalized quote so that you can see if their rates match your budget. They also work with urgent translation projects.
  28. Mytranslation.com works with an international team of 1,500 expert translators specialized in different fields. They have a user-friendly platform that allows you to upload easily your order. Through their site, you will be able to download your translation.
  29. Jrlanguage.com provides high-quality translation services. Their team can work with 100 languages and several materials. Some of the documents they usually translate are websites, resumes, surveys, products, etc. Their certified translators can also translate official papers like legal transcripts, certificates, immigration material, and the list goes on.
  30. Lingo24.com was founded in 2001 and counts with a dedicated team of expert linguists that helps them deliver reliable translations. Their translation tool helps them find the best word for your translations by searching for the perfect match on their large database.
  31. Betranslated.com has a rockstar team that can deliver quickly any project. They usually deliver translations between 500 and 5,000 words in two days. Which is faster than the average market delivery time. They can work with English, Spanish, Dutch, Frenc, German, Italian, Scandinavian and Asian languages. Their team specializes in technical, marketing, business, and IT translations.
  32. 2m.com.au is a translation company with over 19 years of experience. It has an expert team of linguists and translators that work with over 200 languages including Indigenous and Aboriginal languages. Their team can translate audio recordings and written content accurately. They promise to deliver a message that resonates with the local audience.
  33. Localizationguru.com specializes in marketing translation. Their team, composed of 3,000 professional translators, can work with 65 languages and different materials. They are available 24/ 7 and, since you can place an order from their site, you can upload your files through their platform whenever you want.  
  34. Lionbridge.com has many years of experience in the field. They are a popular translation service provider with an international team of 100,000 experts that can translate any material from 15 different industries. Their large team works with many language pairs and specializations.
  35. Smartling.com is a revolutionary software that can help you translate any content effectively. Even though it is aimed at translating websites, you can also use it for different materials. Thanks to the fact that their CAT tool is stored in the cloud, you can access it from different devices. It will help you choose the perfect word for your translation. They also have a team of professional translators that work with 150 languages.
  36. Worldlingo.com has a team of qualified native translators that work with 140 languages. They have a user-friendly interface that you can use to access their automated translation service. Thus, you will be able to find different translation options on their site.
  37. Verbalizeit.com specializes in business translation. Their expert team can translate several materials into 150 languages and dialects. They can translate any business message from across 50 industries. They have a pay-as-you-go pricing policy that allows you to pay for the service you need at that moment instead of charging you a monthly fee.
  38. Altalang.com has a professional team of translators with over 30 years of experience. They can work with 100 languages, which helps them provide translation and interpretation services. They can work with different content like websites, any type of documents, videos, and multilingual desktop publishing files.
  39. Acclaro.com is a translation company launched in 2002. They have over 16 years of experience and have been helping happy customers ever since. Their large team can work with 100 different languages. They guarantee to provide a translation that follows your requirements so that you can identify with it.
  40. Advancedtranslationservices.com has an expert team of translators. Each one of their team members holds a degree as well as a translation certificate. This helps them to match your project with a specialized translator in that field. They can work with 250 languages and several materials.
  41. Aspena.com has over 20 years of experience translating different materials. They have translated mover 23,000 projects from 80 different fields. Their professional team of translators currently cover 200 language combinations, which is more than the average translation company can provide.
  42. Transperfect.com has over 25 years of experience translating different materials. They have a huge team of 4,600 translators based around the world. Their main specialization is business translation. They can help you launch a new product and expand your company.
  43. Stepes.com has a team of 100,000 translators that work with over 100 languages. They can translate material from different industries and ensure it is accurate and sound natural in the target language. Since the company was launched, they have helped many happy customers with their translation tasks.
  44. Onehourtranslation.com has a big team of expert translators that work with 98 languages. They work around the clock to ensure they are available to translate your project. Their team will deliver your order through the cloud so you will be able to access your documents any time you want. This also guarantees that you do not lose your translation.   
  45. Speakt.com helps business to expand their market by offering professional translation services. Their team specializes in business translation so you can be sure they will do a great job translating your company’s message.
  46. Daytranslations.com is a translation and interpreting service provider. They count with an international team of professional translators and interpreters to assist you with your language tasks. Their team works with 100 languages, and they can translate various documents. Some of the papers they can translate are technical manuals, medical reports, websites, and emails.
  47. Gts-translation.com has been around for over 15 years. Their great expertise in the field makes sure that their team translates perfectly your material. Their fantastic team works with all Asian and European languages. They also use CAT tools that help them guarantee your translations has been done accurately.
  48. Fast.onehourtranslation.com is the best translation services company for you if you need an urgent translation. Their team works around the clock and can work with different languages. They can provide last-minute translations thanks to their huge team composed of 10,000 professional translators.
  49. Languageconnections.com is a translation agency founded in 1993. They have international clients from the academic, business, and government fields. Their professional team can translate your message into 100 languages, helping you to connect with a broader audience.  
  50. Argosmultilingual.com is a Polish translation company founded in 1996. It has grown from a small local agency into an international translation business. Their team specializes in manufacture, technology, and life sciences fields. They have great customer reviews and have won several translation awards.
  51. Inwhatlanguage.com provides different rates to ensure they match your budget. Each price covers different things on your translation project. Their international team of professional translators can work with 200 languages. However, if you do not find the language pair you were looking for on their list, send them a message as they promise to sort it out.
  52. Ititranslates.com was launched in 1986 by Elby Pagano. This international translation company currently works with material from different industries like medical, legal, education, manufacturing, immigration, public health, finance, marketing and advertising, insurance, and entertainment. Their team can translate your material into 200 languages.
  53. Languageconnect.net is based in 150 countries. Their global team works with 150 languages can various specializations. They are available 24/7, which helps them deliver urgent requests on time. Thanks to their impeccable service, they have won several awards.
  54. Interproinc.com has over 23 years of experience helping thousands of customers to connect with a global audience. They specialize in helping businesses translate their documents, e-learning materials, software, websites, and videos into different languages.
  55. Gengo.com is the site you want to enter to find the best freelance translator for you. They have an extensive pool of expert translators. All of them have different specializations and can work with several language pairs. On this site, you will be able to pick the perfect linguist for your project.
  56. Jbistudios.com has over 25 years of experience helping their international clients. Their professional team can translate audio and video materials, as well as written content into 50 different languages. They specialize in creative translations.

Besides having gathered the top 56 translation companies, we have also created shortlists where you will be able to find different subtypes with companies specialized in various fields. This will help you make your search faster and ensure that you pick a company that specializes in the same topic as your project. These are the subtypes that you can find on our lists:

Top 10 medical translation companies

  1. Besttranslationservices.com is the best translation agency that you can hire to translate your medical papers. They have a team of professional translators specialized in medical translation. They will make sure to use the appropriate terminology for your paper.
  2. Languagescientific.com has a team of certified medical translators that help them meet a high-level of quality in each one of the translations they provide. To ensure that translate accurately any paper, their team is aware of the legal and regulatory laws of different countries.
  3. Globalexicon.com has been providing medical translation services for many years. Some of the content their team works with are scientific journals, physician and patient questionnaires, adverse event reporting, clinical trial documentation and study protocols, etc. They understand the importance of little details and accuracy on medical translation so you can be sure they will provide an excellent job.
  4. Morningtrans.com has a certified team of medical translators and expert linguists that can translate any medical document into 150 languages. They can help you translate patents, medical reports, labels and instructions, websites, and clinical trial documents, to name a few materials.
  5. K-international.com provides translation services for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. They can translate clinical material into 200 languages. Their certified team of medical translators will make sure your project is translated with the adequate terminology by taking attention to the language and context of your document.
  6. Globalvis.com can translate medical files into all commercial languages. They provide high-quality medical translation services carried out by their certified translators. They can monitor the quality of their translations through their management system. Their team can translate a wide range of materials like patents, medical equipment manuals, instructions, medical products, etc.
  7. Okomeds.com has a fully available professional team of translators that can help you with your medical files. They can translate your material into the language of your choice. Their international team specializes in different medical fields so your project will be translated by an expert in that area.
  8. Globalvoices.co.uk is a company with demonstrable medical translation experience and credentials that guarantee they will provide an excellent service. Some of the content they can translate for you are medical devices, medical intellectual property, medical packaging and labels, websites, white papers, and technical documentation.
  9. Rosettatranslation.com offers medical translation services to pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions around the world. They have the ISO 9001:2008 certification and the DIN EN 15038 norm. This helps them guarantee they will always provide accurate medical translations.
  10. Geolanguages.co.uk only provides highly precise medical translations to ensure your text meets all the medical requirements. They can translate handwritten healthcare information, patient-reported outcomes, medical notice information, patient records, and many more files.

Top 10 legal translation agencies

  1. Morningtrans.com provides legal translation services for many customers. Some of the companies they work with are Fortune 500 and Am Law 100 legal divisions. Their legal department can help you translate contracts, agreements, compliance documentation, and many other documents into the language of your choice.
  2. Besttranslationservices.com offers, as part of their wide range of services, a legal translation service carried out by translators that hold a postgraduate degree in a relevant law field. They have many years of experience and can help you translate the nuances of a legal document.      
  3. Citylegal.co.uk is a leading legal translation service provider with over 30 years of experience. Their expert team only translates into their mother tongue to ensure they deliver an accurate legal translation. Their team can help you translate documents, certificates, contracts, wills, patents, and many other papers.
  4. Hltrad.com provides a legal translation service for legal professionals. Their experienced team is specialized in legal terminology and can guarantee to deliver an accurate translation. They can help you translate different documents like contracts, shareholder’s agreements, patents, formal reports, invitation for tenders, and many more, into 100 different languages.
  5. Absolutetranslations.com are experts in legal translation. They have a professional team of translators specialized in legal terminology that can translate different content like patents, company incorporation documents, financial agreements, and insurance contracts among others. They have over 15 years of experience working with legal documents.
  6. Lptranslations.com provides different legal translation services. They have court certified translators that can help you translate any certificate or interpreter any meeting into 150 languages. They have different translation and localization packages that you can choose from.   
  7. Universal-translation-services.com is a BBB accredited translation company with international clients. They have a reliable team of certified legal translators that promises to deliver accurate translations. They are fully aware of the legal terminology that they have to use for different papers.
  8. Usatranslate.com has ten years of experience delivering highly specialized legal translations. Their international team is aware of the different laws and regulations form various countries. Thanks to their team of 3,000 expert linguists, they can provide a 24/7 service. Some of the documents they work with are litigations, affidavits, partnership deeds, trusts, etc.
  9. Translation.ie provides a superior legal translation service carried out by professional linguists specialized in legal documents. Besides helping you to translate the usual legal documents, they can also assist you with handwritten papers. Their expert team can translate your legal documents into 150 languages.
  10. Languagemarketplace.ca is a Canadian translation service provider. They help law firms and multinational companies based in Canada translate their legal documents. Some of their translators on their team are lawyers who have a language degree as well.  

Top 10 document translation companies

  1. Besttranslationservices.com has a team of translators with many years of experience and native level language. They can translate various documents like contracts and resumes. They even have a money-back guarantee that you can use if you are not satisfied with how they translated your document.
  2. Transperfect.com started as a document translation service provider in 1992. They have grown since then, but they still provide a document translation service. They can work with certified documents and deliver them in the day you choose. They have a rush turnaround option for urgent translations.
  3. Ulatus.com promises to tackle any cultural, geographical, or language barrier when translating your document. They guarantee to provide an accurate translation that matches the sentiments and culture of the local audience. Their specialized team of translators can help you translate books, resumes, academic and personal documents, letter, articles, and many other documents.
  4. Certifiedlanguages.com has a team of expert translators that can translate a document into any language. Their translators are specialized in various subjects so they can help you translate any type of document. They guarantee to deliver quality and accurate translations.
  5. Interproinc.com can translate your document accurately taking into account regional variations and nuances of every language. Their expert team can translate your documents into the language you have chosen. They are fully aware of the terminology for different industries so you can be sure they will deliver a superior translation.
  6. Languageline.com can translate different documents written in English into 200 languages. They have over 20 years of experience providing translation services for different industries. Plus, due to the fact that only 8% of candidates meet their requirements, you can be sure your document will be well-translated with them.  
  7. Certifiedtranslate.com can translate your documents thanks to their certified team of translators. If you need to translate a birth certificate, a diploma, your transcript, your medical report, or any other official paper, you can contact them. You can be sure that their expert team will do a great job.
  8. Translationservices24.com can translate and certify your document in only 24 hours. They have an expert team of translators that will go the extra mile to ensure your document has been translated accurately.
  9. Languageconnect.net can translate your document by combining their translation, copywriting, and linguistic skills. Their team can translate any document into 150 languages and meet your deadline. All of their translations are checked by a second expert to ensure they meet their quality.
  10. Marstranslation.com has affordable translation rates. Their document translation service is carried out by expert translators with many years of experience. They can translate different documents into 90 languages and can deliver 2,500 words in one day – which is the market standard.

Make sure to keep this list with the best translation services firms at hand. You may need it to find the perfect agency for you. Remember to contact them in advance with all your translation requirements. This way, the translator will be able to do a better job with your project.

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Don’t hesitate to contact these best translation companies in 2019 to ask them any questions!