Average Document Translation Services Prices 2019

document translation services prices

Are You Prepared to Pay the Right Document Translation Prices?

We now live in a very small world when it comes to trade and travel. Often the only barrier to what we need to do is one of language. This is why document translation services rates are so important. You will need to do large amounts of translation from time to time for your business and even for personal travel. You will want to ensure that the document translation services rates that you pay are not too high.

But understanding document translation services cost is not always easy. They differ considerably from service to service and also depending on a number of other factors. Many people are confused when they see a headline figure of X when they look at a website but then find that the actual cost is double that when they input their specific language requirements and other specifics.

Document translation service fees will depend on a number of factors such as the number of people that are able to handle your specific language pair, the speed at which you need the work done, and if the work is in a technical field. Translation requires a full understanding of the source text which means that is writing is in a technical area you will want someone qualified in that technical field to provide the translation.

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What Are Technical Document Translation Costs?

Before we jump into what is the cost of document translation it is best that you understand the different areas that services are asked to translate within. This will help you to understand if you are going to be charged a premium rate for the work that you need doing. The following are some of the areas that will attract a higher average cost for document translation:

  • Legal translation: anyone that has read a piece of legal writing may have been left wondering if it is in their own language. Legalese itself is almost another language in its own right. This is why you will always need to find a specialist for the translation. Getting the translation wrong could have very serious consequences whether you are translating something for a legal case or setting up contracts.
  • Medical translation: this is another area in which the average price for document translation is considerably higher than that for general work. Translating a care plan incorrectly or drug information wrongly has the potential for very serious problems. This is why most translation companies that are professional will provide your help through medically trained and experienced translators only.
  • Financial translation: just like legal work, finance has a language all of its own and needs someone that fully understands what is being spoken about for an accurate translation. Getting financial reports incorrectly translated again could have very serious and costly ramifications.
  • Technical engineering documentation: this could be anything from specification sheets through to operating procedures. They will require someone with an understanding of the technical areas in which they are written for them to be translated correctly and quickly.
  • Academic translating: not only can many different subject areas be hard to understand when written at a high level, they may also need to be rewritten into a very specific style or format. Translators must be chosen with care if your work is to be translated to a high standard.

So What Are the Right Document Translation Services Rates for Your Technical Area?

There are many cheap document translation services out there but finding the right ones for your work is not always easy. Often a specialist service that works mainly in your technical field can offer you a competitive rate for online document translation cost while some others may tag on an additional premium for what they offer.

Going by the information that we see for fair price document translation the following are average prices for the different areas in which you may need help. However, these are averages and will change significantly for different language pairs and other factors:

  • Legal document translation rates: $0.16 per word
  • Medical document translation rates: $0.17 per word
  • Financial documentation rates: $0.15 per word
  • Technical documentation rates: $0.15 per word
  • Academic translation rates: $0.16 per word

How Much Does a Translation of a Document Cost for Different Services?

If you want to understand document translation services prices for your specific language pairs and technical area you will need to do a little checking around to find the right price. The following table will help you to better understand which cheap translation companies you should check and what their general prices are as a rough idea of how affordable they are to use. What you should note is that if a service has a large number of experts in your chosen area then the prices may be lower, but if they only have a handful then their premiums may be higher.

The following table will help you with your choices:

Name URL Std Translation
Translating + Proofreading
Best Translation Services https://www.besttranslationservices.com/ $0.048 per word $0.106 per word.
Turbo Translations https://turbotranslations.com/ $0.12 per word
Tolingo https://www.tolingo.com/en/ $0.149 per word
Speakt https://speakt.com/ $0.09 $0.12
Lingosaur https://www.lingosaur.com/en/ $0.11 per word $0.16 per word
My Translation https://www.mytranslation.com/ $0.10 $0.14
Rev https://www.rev.com/ $0.10 per word
Rush Translate https://rushtranslate.com/ $0.10 per word
Translation Services 24 https://www.translationservices24.com/ $0.14 per word
Day Translations https://www.daytranslations.com/ $0.20 per word
The Word Point https://thewordpoint.com/ $0.09 $0.14
SDL Free Translation https://www.freetranslation.com/ $0.179 per word
Stepes https://www.stepes.com/ $0.17 per word $0.25 per word
Translated https://www.translated.net/en/ $0.12 $0.16
One Hour Translation https://www.onehourtranslation.com/ $0.087 per word $0.139 per word
Gengo https://gengo.com/ $0.08 per word $0.14 per word
Straker Translations https://www.strakertranslations.com/ $0.16 per word
Text Master https://www.textmaster.com/ $0.07 $0.13
Language Line Solutions https://www.languageline.com/ $0.12 per word
Transperfect http://www.transperfect.com/ $0.196 per word

What Is a Fair Price?

At the end of the day, quality is always going to be key. You will want your translations to be accurate no matter what field you are doing the translation within. The average prices that we provide for you will give you a good guide as to what you should expect to pay.

Use our analysis of what companies charge to better understand document translation services rates for your different needs.