Factors That Determine the Price of Translation Service in 2019

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Are Translation Services Rates Per Word Fixed?

Many people and businesses are looking to find the best cheap translation services. Doing business overseas or even simply going on vacation can often require you to get various documents translated into the local languages. This can be an expensive task if you are not careful with who you work with. Translation services cost is often one of the main factors that people choose when selecting who to work with.

We can show you the services that offer some of the lowest translation services fees for their help while still offering you a good quality service.  However, you still need to understand what will affect the rates that are changed and how. Even if translation companies fees appear to be low if you then choose a combination of requirements that are hard to fulfill you may find that the current translation rates will be much higher than you expect.

We can offer you some insight into what is going to affect the online translation services price and where you should be looking to try to keep your prices low. We provide you with an independent review of the top affordable translation services and what their translation services rates per page are.

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What Affects Translation Services Cost?

If you are going to understand how the professional translation services price is going to change then you need to understand the different factors that a company may look at when defining the price. Few professional services are going to charge a single fixed fee. Most online services will provide you with a form of calculator that you will input your requirements into to generate the fee that you will need to pay.

The following areas are the ones that will affect your translation services rates:

Language pairs:

The source and target languages are going to have a significant impact on the price that you pay. Choose a language pair that is commonly spoken and you will find that you will not be paying too much of a premium. So language pairs such as Spanish and English are usually going to be around the base price of the service. Choose a combination that is not likely to have many speakers and you will find that you will either not be able to find a translator with a particular service or that they will charge you a significant premium for that combination.

The number of words:

Most services will quote their online translation services price by the word. That being said most will have a minimum requirement of a page of writing which is usually measured as being 250 words. So a shorter piece of work may still be charged as a full page by many services.

The more words you need translating the more you will be asked to pay. Most services, however, will offer you a discount for large volumes of work. Even if they do not offer a discount on the website is often worthwhile contacting the service directly and asking them for a discount as many will provide one for large volumes of work to secure your business.

Turnaround time:

How quickly you need your translation doing will also have an impact on the professional translation services rates being charged. If you want your work doing so that you can answer that important email in the next how then you would expect those translation services rates to be much higher than if you gave them a week to get the translation at their leisure. You can generally expect to pay more the quicker you need your translation delivering. Many services out there specifically compete on the time that they will take to deliver your translation rather than quality and price.

Subject specialization:

If you are wondering how much do translation services cost for medical documents then you can expect to pay much more than for more general translation work. There are many technical areas that will demand a significant premium to translate for you. The reason for this is that translation is not about simply swapping words for an equivalent in the target language. If it were that easy then software would be able to do the job successfully.

Translation is really about understanding what has been said and then communicating that meaning in the target language. To accurately understand what has been written in many areas requires an education and experience in those areas. This is especially true for areas such as:

  • Medical translation
  • Legal work
  • Financial documents
  • Engineering documents
  • Academic papers

You will find that the premiums added for the different specialties will vary between services depending on the makeup of their particular translators. Never accept technical translation if it has been performed by someone without a relevant background as it is unlikely to be accurate.

What Are Current Translation Rates for Professional Companies?

If you want to understand language translation services cost for some of the best companies out there then our table of top companies will help you. This will provide you with a basic understanding of the current translation rates that are being charged. Just remember that what you chose for your translation will have an impact on what you will actually be charged.

Name URL Std Translation Translating + Proofreading
Best Translation Services https://www.besttranslationservices.com/ $0.048 per word $0.106 per word.
Speakt https://speakt.com/ $0.09 $0.12
Lingosaur https://www.lingosaur.com/en/ $0.11 per word $0.16 per word
Turbo Translations https://turbotranslations.com/ $0.12 per word
Tolingo https://www.tolingo.com/en/ $0.149 per word
Translation Services 24 https://www.translationservices24.com/ $0.14 per word
Day Translations https://www.daytranslations.com/ $0.20 per word
Language Line Solutions https://www.languageline.com/ $0.12 per word
Transperfect http://www.transperfect.com/ $0.196 per word
My Translation https://www.mytranslation.com/ $0.10 $0.14
Rev https://www.rev.com/ $0.10 per word
Rush Translate https://rushtranslate.com/ $0.10 per word
Translated https://www.translated.net/en/ $0.12 $0.16
One Hour Translation https://www.onehourtranslation.com/ $0.087 per word $0.139 per word
Straker Translations https://www.strakertranslations.com/ $0.16 per word
Text Master https://www.textmaster.com/ $0.07 $0.13
The Word Point https://thewordpoint.com/ $0.09 $0.14
SDL Free Translation https://www.freetranslation.com/ $0.179 per word
Stepes https://www.stepes.com/ $0.17 per word $0.25 per word
Gengo https://gengo.com/ $0.08 per word $0.14 per word

Discover the right translation services cost and what you should be paying for the services you need with our help.