List of the Best 20 Cheap Document Translation Services Online 2020

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Who Should You Work with for Cheap Certified Document Translation?

There are many cheap document translation services online, in fact so many that it can be difficult to know where you should start with your selection. We, however, can help you to find the right help with the right document translation services prices. We have many years of experience within this area and are able to provide you with the benefits of those years.

We can provide you with a comprehensive review of the top 20 cheap online document translation companies that you could work with. Our review will let you know who the companies are for the best cheap translation of documents and what they are likely to charge you.

Please note that prices quoted in this list are for comparison purposes only and are likely to change depending on the specific language pairs that you need for low-cost document translation. The languages that you choose, the turnaround time that you need, the field of the document and a host of other factors will all have an effect on the final price that you will need to pay.

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Top 20 Cheap Document Translation Services

The following is our list of the top affordable translation companies:

1.  Best Translation Services


best translation services

This is the first in our list of affordable document translation companies and is able to offer you a full range of translation support across hundreds of different language pairs. The services are fully confidential and come with a full satisfaction money back guarantee. They are also able to support translations across many subject areas including technical areas such as engineering, law, and medicine. They offer cheap document translation services with prices at:

Simple Service: suitable for general translation of simple documents – $0.048 per word.

Platinum Service: uses superior proofreaders with 5+ years of experience plus additional expert proofreading – $0.106 per word.

2.  One Hour Translation


one hour translation

The service works with thousands of translator that on the whole live in the countries in which they will translate to. They offer a quick service as the name suggests and also have a full range of guarantees and support services to help you to ensure that you get the results that you are looking for. Their certified document translation services come in at:

General translation: $0.087 per word

Translate and edit: $0.139 per word

3.  Gengo



This service has translated over 950 million words during the years that it has been operating and have served more than 65k customers. With a 97.6% customer satisfaction rating they are confident that they will be able to supply you with an excellent and confidential service whatever language you need translation in of the 70+ pairs they work in. They provide some of the cheapest document translation with prices of:

Standard service: $0.08 per word

Advanced service: $0.14 per word

4.  SDL Free Translation


free translation

This service provides you with both a free tool for automatic translation as well as access to highly qualified and reliable translators. They have been providing their translation services for more than 20 years and have a team of more than 1000 translators that you can work with. Pricing is volume based so the more you order the cheaper the price. Pricing starts at around:

$0.179 per word

5.  Stepes



Again, this service is able to offer you machine based translation for less important documents and human-based translation for all of your documents that really matter. They are an ISO certified company that offer global services on a 24/7 basis. Typically they provide you with a 2-hour turnaround on their translations. Pricing is from:

General translation: $0.17 per word

Translation with proofreading and editing: $0.25 per word

6.  The Word Point


the word point

This quality-focused translation service is able to offer you the help that you need in between 6 hours to one day depending on your urgency. They have around 50 languages that they have experts within to help you with your translations. They are one of the cheapest way to translate a document at just:

$0.09 for general translation

$0.14 for technical work

7.  Day Translations


day translations

From the Bank of America and Amazon this service has a lot of well-known companies that have trusted its services over the years it has been around. They provide top quality translation in a host of different languages and are certified in more than 100. Their services are quick and offered at a low rate of:

$0.20 per word depending on the time frame and languages chosen.

8.  Rush Translate


rush translate

This service provides you with certified translating at a low price and is able to turn your workaround in just 12 hours. Their services cover more than 65 languages and they are able to help you with many different subject areas. Their prices start from:

$0.10 per word or $24.95 per page of 250 words.

9.  Language Line Solutions


language line

The service is highly effective and respected by its clients and boasts an impressive 99% satisfaction rating and 99% accuracy rating. They also say that they are able to support you in more than 250 different languages for your translating. Their prices are from:

$0.12 per word or $31 per page

10.  Rev



This company is able to provide you with translation in more than 35 different languages through certified and experienced translators. Their services also provide you with transcription and captioning / subtitling should you need to translate the soundtrack of a video. This professional translation services provide their help from just:

$0.10 per word

11.  Straker Translations



They have been around providing translations since 1999 and during this time have serviced more than 50 thousand customers including big names such as Caterpillar. They claim more than 5000 technically qualified translators to provide their services. Pricing is a little higher than some of the others on this list but is still an affordable:

$0.16 per word or $40 per page of 250 words

12.  Trans Perfect


trans perfect

This large service boasts more than 90 offices around the globe and employs almost 5000 people. They can help you with all of your translation needs to a very high standard and whether your need just a few pages translated or thousands. They have the support to help you with the largest of tasks. Pricing starts at around:

$49 per page or $0.196 per word

13.  Translated



This online translation service has helped more than 127,000 customers including Expedia and IBM. They offer certified professional translation of the highest standard through their current team of more than 324 translators. Pricing is very affordable at:

$0.121 for their professional services

$0.163 for their premium services

14.  Text Master


text master

This is an ISO 9001 approved company that prides itself on the quality that it can provide. They offer support around the world in more than 50 different languages and many different technical fields. They boast a 98% satisfaction rate and their pricing starts at just:

Standard service: $0.066

Enterprise Service $0.132

15.  My Translation



my translationThey have a community of more than 1500 translators that are able to work on your documents. They offer an auction service where you can put your work out to their community and then choose whatever bid or translator that you wish to work. Their more traditional style of ordering starts at:

$0.10 for their standard service

$0.14 for their urgent service

16.  Speakt



The boast a large community of native speaking translators and put a huge emphasis on the quality of the work that they can provide. They have many excellent examples of great customer feedback and have translated more than 10 million words. Their professional and reliable translating help is provided at:

$0.092 for the economy service

$0.122 for standard service including proofreading

$0.162 for expert technical services

17.  Tolingo



A fully ISO certified company they boast high levels of customer satisfaction and are based within Germany. They employ more than 50 people within their offices and use more than 6000 translators to produce their translations. Operating since 2007 they charge a highly affordable:

$0.149 per word depending on the language

18.  Translation Services 24


translation services 24

This service is able to support you with more than 200 languages with a full localization service. They highly accurate and reliable services that cover many different technical fields in addition to the languages that they support. They boast a 99/9% accuracy rate and will charge you just”

$0.14 per word

19.  Lingosaur



Not just an impressive website, they also provide you with an impressive translation service at a highly affordable price. All of their translations are provided through native level speakers in your chosen languages and never through a machine. They will charge you just:

$0.11 per word for their basic services

$0.16 per word for their proofread advanced services

20.  Turbo Translations



This award-winning service has more than 400 translators from which to choose from to provide you with your translations. Each has excellent native level language skills and they guarantee to provide you with highly accurate translations every time with a very short turnaround. They price their services from a very modest:

$0.12 per word

If you are looking for the best cheap document translation service you will not go wrong by choosing from the ones that we have listed for you above. Our reviews and lists are updated and changed from time to time so please come on back and take a look the next time you need a service.

Use our top 20 list of providers to select the best cheap document translation services for all of your writing.